Ideas new and old.

What I Learned In a Year Mixing Politics and Design
for Fast Company, 2017

A Designer's Guide to Working in Tech
In-depth on work, skills, experience, and culture, 2017

Building Products in a Hits Driven World
Apple post-iPhone, 2016

Why You Need to Read Fiction
for LinkedIn Pulse, 2015

Founder Story
for Offscreen Magazine, 2015

The Journal
Well-read, well-lived, 2013–15

The Finite Library
Collecting digital goods, 2013

Hidden design in iOS 7, 2013

A Romantic Past Imagined
Nostalgia in popular culture, 2011

Designing the Modern Atlas
The process behind Google Maps, 2011

Empathy on the Cyber Frontier
Platforms for personal stories and journals, 2011

Your Digital Memorial
The internet when you die, 2011

The Artisan and the Automaton
Efficiency versus craft, 2010

The Line Forms Here
How a crowd acts in a line, 2010

Conversations with Retiring Faculty
Interviews with three retiring RISD faculty, 2010

What I Wrote
A collection of my undergrad writing, 2006 – 2010